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Rant - Born In The Wrong Generation

One thing that I hear all the time is "I was born in the wrong generation!". I think not. If you were born in any other generation, you most likely wouldn't have the internet, and especially YouTube until way later. Let's say you wanted to live in the 80s. Well, you can't. Also, you wouldn't have access to basically every song on earth for free, right at your fingertips. You would need a cassette player, or if your family is wealthy, a record player to listen to music. And you wouldn't just "have" the music. You would have to buy it, and music was expensive back then. You can't listen to an individual song unless you buy the whole record, or get a single, which is way overpriced anyways. You won't have the internet. Sure, you'd have an Atari, NES, Coleco Vision, Commodore, Magnavox Odyssey, or something like that, but it's super expensive and the games are also overpriced. TV? Night Court. That's it. Night Court. NO, OBVIOUSLY NOT! There's ALF, Three's Company, Growing Pains, etc. Rather uninteresting to a teenager with a very short attention span. Youtube? Wait 26 years. Internet? Wait about 15 years. On-Demand entertainment? Wait 15 years too. WebTV? ALSO 15 YEARS. To end this, I would just like to say, you were born in the right generation.

Rant - School & Lazy Teachers (abridged)

A lot of the teachers in school are super lazy. They take some lady's 'Google Slide' template, explain the template, and sit on their lazy asses and read their e-mails. One time, my friend caught a substitute teacher WATCHING 'SOUTH PARK' ON HER LAPTOP!!! 'SOUTH PARK'!!! That is beyond lazy! I bet she brought some M&Ms with her too.